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Personal Trainer in Portsmouth

Joe Hopkins - Personal Trainer, 4 Park Lane, Cosham, Portsmouth, PO6 2QS

Joe Hopkins is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals

Welcome to my Personal Training Site

Low cost fun workouts to suit your specific needs whether you would like to lose weight, gain strength or just improve your general fitness.

Joe Hopkins, Level 3 REPS Registered Personal Trainer

Mobile: 07900 400 460




Joe Hopkins personal trainer level 3 REPs




Joe Hopkins Personal Trainer


Joe Hopkins - Personal Trainer, Portsmouth

My name is Joe Hopkins and I'd like to personally welcome you to my new, improved website. I am a personal trainer in Portsmouth and I hold Level 3 REPS Personal Trainer accreditation. I have a variety of resources for my clients to use and I will always construct a training programme based on individual needs and with your goal in mind. Training sessions are always properly supervised and your first consultation is free.




What People Have Said

Here's what some satisfied customers have already had to say about me and my personal training service:

"I started sessions with Joe 3 months before Christmas with a plan to lose 2 stone, get fit and tone up. Not only did Joe manage these he also gave me a food plan which also helped speed up my metabolism and help with weight loss whilst getting the fuel my body needed. My life has had a complete steer in the right direction with regards to my health!

"The exercises Joe takes you through are paced at a rate for you individually and if he feels you can do one more push up he'll make you do 2, but only because he knows you can! This was always encouraging. In total, I lost just under 2 stone in 3 months (even with Christmas). I still use my diet plan and feel 1000% better than I did before. Joe is a credit to the industry."

Ryan, Gosport

"Joe has trained me during the last 12 months. I find him very approachable, motivating and above all professional. His tailor made training sessions are good fun but at the same time very hard work. Joes attention to detail when lifting weights or performing exercises with correct procedure is second to none. And he always manages to tweak you to ensure you are isolating the right muscle groups and maintaining safe practise. The best trainer I've ever had, superb!"

David, Hatch End


"Transformation! I was 17 Stone when I started 6 months ago with Joe. I had bad eating habits and no motivation or energy. Knowing Joe was by my side encouraging me and explaining how to do everything properly and effectively helped me immensely to keep focused. He analysed every aspect of my lifestyle, diet, stress triggers, eating habits and old fitness regimes. He then developed a personal fitness programme and diet plan which improved these areas. Ive lost 2 stone in 6 months eating sensibly through Joe's plan and exercising with Joe 2 or 3 times a week."

Louise, Harrow Weald

More of this on my testimonials page.


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